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WayCool is one of India’s fastest growing Agri-tech
companies that has established itself as the largest food
development and distribution services chain, that aims
to positively impact the lives of over 5,00,000 farmers.

Waycool Why WayCool

Social Impact
We work with various self help groups, positively impacting the lives of rural women, thus providing them with a source of livelihood.
We have direct links with over 5,00,000 farmers and manufacturers who are certified by BRC, Halal, USDA Organic, ISO etc.
Top Quality
Over 20 quality checks are conducted right from the time the products are sourced, until they are dispatched, to ensure the highest quality.
We offer a wide range of product portfolios of 68 SKUs under 9 categories to 500+ clients across 50 regions.

Delight your customers with Our homegrown range

WayCool's homegrown brands are built ground up with extensive
quality control from source to your doorstep.


Traditional food and ingredients made
convenient for the modern family.
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Kwik Kitchen

A premium food brand that retains the
original flavor, taste, and nutrients in food.
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Authentic ingredients that have been part
of Indian households for decades
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Export Reaching out to the world

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12 Jun 2021

WayCool's next-gen fresh food supply chain

A glimpse of our reimagined fresh produce supply chain.... Fresh produce offers numerous challenges - they are highly perishable, sensitive to touch and unwieldy to handle.

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8 Jun 2021

Reducing Farm Miles - WayCool

Reducing food miles effectively helps minimize carbon emission caused by the food supply chain. We are saving close to 35 tons of CO2 emission per vehicle.

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5 Jun 2021

Waycool foods Sustainable Development Goals Emerging Markets

agri-extension program featured on the cover page of FMO - Dutch entrepreneurial development bank 2020 Annual Report. Together, let us build a better, sustainable world.

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